Urban Air Trampoline Park - Customer service or lack thereof

Customer service

Called the South Portland facility earlier and the phone answering machine was full.Sent an e-mail that was not responded to so I called later in the day.

The person answering had to contend with the noise in the background and I needed to repeat myself to communicate. I wanted to buy a gift certificate and was told to just "drop by." I explained that I was calling from California and wanted a birthday gift for a grandson, so I was directed to the web page. While on there, I was told to go to the drop down menu for locations and highlight the South Portland facility. Guess what, there was no drop down menu and the employee seemed irritated with that fact.

I'll find somewhere else to send my grandson.... This kind of customer service is inadequate and I do not have to patronize places lke this....

and I won't.Fred from California

I didn't like: I did not achieve my objective to buy a gift certificate.

Urban Air Trampoline Park - Urban Air Trampoline - TX

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Took the kids a couple weeks ago. I wrote them this - - Was a bit disappointed that we normal get the adult plus child price since that is what one of the front desk people told us was the best price for a 4 and 7 yr old to jump. The manager was less than accommodating. Please make sure the staff is all on the same page. On top of the fact a staff member departed the restroom knowing that it was in need of servicing. We had to use the opposite restroom due to his lack of work ethic.---

Their response was not that great… I followed up with this -

I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of customer service. I understand the prices are posted but it was the staff that incorrectly charged us. I think at the least the price should have been honored that time b/c it was the staff that was incorrectly advertising the price. They were looking at for the interest of the customer NOT making money. Not even a coupon was offered for our inconvenience. I have read several reviews that I'm not the only one that has had these types of issues(sited on Google and Trip Advisor). My son also as SDP and I was going to recommend this facility to his ISD as a place to take kids that also have special needs since movement and texture is a very therapeutic. I review many play areas for 3 social groups around the area and I'd have to say this has left my indecisive.

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